A Piece of Americana – Patriotic Home Decor

This 4th of July brings warm weather, family outings, BBQ’s with friends, and other activities.

It also brings an opportunity to remember our country’s past, and the brave men and women who have fought to allow us the freedoms we enjoy.

A great way to remember the sacrifice of those who have fought for our freedom is through Americana home décor. One great piece of American home décor is a classic “America” sign which uses red and blue vinyl lettering to achieve a beautiful patriotic decorative sign. The word “America” is featured in blue vinyl lettering, with an overlay in red which states “Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.”

It’s fun to keep your home décor “fresh” by changing it to match the seasons and holidays throughout the year.

This is another great home décor piece to add to your seasonal home décor collection. Another great thing about this project is that it uses a vinyl lettering kit, which makes the easy to complete, and gives it a very professional finished look. You can get the vinyl lettering kit for the sign from various vinyl lettering sites, such as http://www.vinylcraftlettering.com, which also sells the pre-sanded signboards with decorative routed edges.

We chose to paint the signboard an antique white color, and applied the red and blue vinyl lettering onto the board after we distressed the edges with some medium grit sandpaper. The red white and blue of this signboard really capture the Americana look we were going for.

You can view our finished signboard here.

Along with the warm weather and BBQ’s, July provides an opportunity for remembering, and a chance to bring a little piece of “Americana” into your home.