Home Decorating – A Family Affair

When you decorate your home, you use your own special artistic vision to create an environment which will be the backdrop of your families’ lives. This is a living expression of your own soul, which will start as a concept, but will almost immediately begin to grow and evolve around the daily activities of your family members.

This personal experience, while satisfying, can be expanded when you begin to incorporate effort and ideas from the rest of the people living in the home. It is great having a house that reflects the inner you, but it is even more rewarding when that house reflects the soul of your entire family, with special places, objects, patterns, or arrangements, each a reminder a the unique spirit of the person that suggested it. In a very real way a home which is built from the family up, has a much deeper and more special meaning than one that is the result of a single vision.

Besides it’s a lot of fun! You get to think creatively, spend time with the people you love, and change the whole world around you with your own two hands.

Sometimes you will want to start off by having a meeting. Bear in mind that this is not a military meeting; nobody should be coerced into doing anything that they don’t want to. That ruins the purpose of enlisting their help. Instead your meeting should be an inspirational event where you try and recruit ideas about how you can work together to make the home better. Pay attention and listen to their feedback, rather than trying to impose your will on the event. There will have to be some give and take, but nothing is permanent, and any decision can be lived with and changed multiple times over the years.

If you have spoil sports who aren’t excited about getting involved, and want nothing to do with the project, you can recruit them covertly by making the experience fun. Purchase some cool looking home decor pieces, or some funky lamps. You can even throw a decorating party, and have some friends over to make it an event rather than a chore. Buy food and drinks, and blast some fun music. If they still don’t want to be involved, at least you will have a bunch of other people who are willing to pick up the slack.

It may be difficult at first to create an integrated look throughout the house. As they say too many chefs can spoil the pot. However decorating is more of a process than a single event, and you can tinker with color and placement over the course of the year, to try and get the house looking more consistent. As the family grows your house will grow around them, holding them and comforting them in the warmth of their own creation.

Getting your family together to help with the decorating process can be challenging. Some won’t be interested in helping, and others will muddle up your visions for the space. However that is life. Trying to find beauty in the chaos is the purpose of humanity, and the nature of family living.