Pillows – Variety and Fun in Home Decor

Everyone loves pillows, whether they are arranged in a row on a couch, or heaped on the floor in a pile, whether they are used one at a time, or layered and grouped, pillows are great decorations. Pillows can be stamped with fabric paint, quilted, appliqued, sewn with ruffles, printed with photographs, or beaded to make them really stand out.

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes. When combined, they are an art instillation in and of themselves. The benefit of this kind of art is that it is so comfortable for everyday use. A heap of pillows is fun to jump into, sprawl out on, build forts with, offer to guests to make them more comfortable, support aching backs with, rest your head on, elevate your feet with, and of course, have a pillow fight with.

Many modern day artists work in fabric to create unique signature pillows. These don’t have to be extremely expensive, as they are often designed by the artist and then mass produced to lower costs. Some artists work with a certain style or theme that runs through their cushioned creations, so you can combine pillows that have different designs while retaining the same look and feel.

Pillows can have tassels, fringes, fur, laces, or buttons. The possibilities are virtually endless. That means you can use different elements to create a unified look without giving up on variety. Try a collection of pillows that share the same shape and fabric but come in a multitude of colors; or why not a mix of different pillows in pure white, showing off different textures and trimmings?

Don’t think just beds and couches either. Pillows come in all sizes. Some are large enough to be used as chairs or beds, while some are tiny and have pockets for teeth that the tooth faerie will come for. Play around and adds elements of luxury and comfort in various rooms.

Nowadays, the best material for pillows is organic cotton and bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is the softest and silkiest, as well as being made of a renewable resource that is sustainably grown without pesticides or fertilizers. Organic cotton is without any of the toxic pesticides used on conventional cotton. The difference means that you and your family will not have to worry about getting cancer. Organic pillows are safe.

Bamboo also dries quickly and resists mildew and mold, as well as bacteria and dust-mites, allergens that are typically problematic with conventional pillows. All in all, Bamboo fabric and organic cotton fabric are your best option for home decor pillows.